Inspired Plantings was created from a deep passion for plants, and a desire to create and work with all of their forms. We always strive to put beauty first, and to concoct beautiful creations of plant combinations that suit and compliment their surroundings. Through tasteful use of texture, colour and contrast, we aspire to build gardens that stand out from their neighbours. We design to draw the eye outside to nature, which call on families, friends and communities to take part in their magic and beauty. 

We get involved in our work, and often our clients become long time friends. From design services to basic maintenance, we are always there should questions or concerns arise. With many gardens over a decade old, we love to let ourselves fall for our gardens, and often continue to care for them from seasonal, to weekly service options. At our peak performance, we offer estate management services for those that wish to live, play and enjoy their gardens, with no worries or concerns.

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